Distribution Policy

Pursuant to the objectives of the Larrakia Development Trust and the Larrakia Development Corporation’s commitment to Working For ALL Larrakia, the LDC Distribution Policy was introduced in 2006, devoting a proportion of the Corporation’s profits to support Larrakia families with a variety of payment types. Historic funding was not reliant on any government, donor, or other third-party contribution, but through the Corporation’s sustained commercial business activity.

Now, with part funding support of the Larrakia Ichthys-LNG Foundation Trust (LIFT), the LDC Distribution Policy has been expanded and improved. The LIFT will help provide support to Larrakia people over the next 40 years of Ichthys LNG’s operations. The LIFT has been set up within a Trust structure to support governance of LIFT funds and ensure the funds are distributed for the sole benefit of the Larrakia people. Key initial focus areas of the LIFT include the provision of education opportunities and support for Elders


Register of Larrakia

The Larrakia Development Corporation (LDC) acts in the position of Registrar for the Larrakia Ichthys-LNG Foundation Trust (LIFT). As Registrar, the LDC maintains the Register of Larrakia to manage funding eligibility for the components of the LDC Distribution Policy that are funded by the LIFT.

To ensure that the LDC continues to manage and build the Register of Larrakia, to assist with funding requests through the LDC Distribution Policy, every Larrakia person over the age of 18 can be included on the register by completing the application form and required identification documents.

Children under the age of 18 can also be included with the authorisation of their Parents/Guardians and required identification documents.

NOTE: Larrakia people seeking to apply for assistance through the LDC Distribution Policy, through LIFT funded programs MUST be registered with the Register of Larrakia

Download Application For Inclusion To Register (pdf)


LDC currently provides funding for –


The LIFT currently provides funding for –

If you have an idea for a program that will benefit Larrakia people or queries about the LIFT, please email [email protected]


Conditions of Payment

All payments are subject to the approval of the Larrakia Development Corporation CEO and/or Board.

Contact: [email protected]



Download Distribution FAQ (pdf)



Download Application Form (pdf)


LDCSP 2023 Application

Download LDCSP 2023 Application Form (pdf)

LDC is excited to announce the Distribution Policy is again expanding in 2022!

TWO new programs will be added to the program list with the support of, Larrakia Ichthys-LNG Foundation Trust (LIFT).

GM50s (Grounds Maintenance)

Larrakia over the age of 50 can apply to have their yards mowed and maintained by our GM team. The team can provide a monthly service to help maintain your residence, offering the following services:

˙ Lawn mowing
˙ Whipper snipping
˙ Lawn edging
˙ Weed spraying
˙ Weed removal
˙ Prune (small trees)
˙ Green waste removal

This service is also available to Larrakia with rural blocks.

Trade Tools

Trainees and Apprentices enrolled in an approved training course can apply for up to $1,500 to purchase new tools required.

Continuing year-round Programs

˙ 60s Quarterly utilities Payments
˙ Headstone Funding
˙ Funeral Contributions

Education Support – Applications NOW OPEN!

˙ LDCSP (Tertiary Scholarship) – Closing 16th February 2022
˙ LSPP (School Participation) – Term 1 of 2022 School Year

To apply for any funding just complete the online form: https://forms.gle/UVwSb33R3L6skH1i7
Request a form via Email: [email protected]
Collect a printed form from our office: 675 Berrimah Rd, EAST ARM (After 4th January)


Funding Categories:

Over 60s Fund

Quarterly Payments
Q1: 1 July – 30 Sept, Q2: 1 Oct – 31 Dec, Q3: 1 Jan – 30 Mar, Q4: 1 Apr – 30 Jun

People of Larrakia decent, over 60 years of age, may make an application up to a maximum of $300 per quarter, during the calendar year, to assist with the following living expenses:

  • Council rates
  • Phone/mobile bills
  • Electricity/sewage/water bills, and
  • Motor vehicle registration

To apply for the fund, application forms must be submitted with the original invoice(s), which must be registered in the name of the Larrakia Applicant. Approved applications will then be paid directly to the service provider by the LDC.

Also, Applicants may apply for reimbursements, subject to receipt of an application form and receipt(s) confirming that the original invoice, registered in the name of the Larrakia Applicant, has been paid by the Applicant.

Applications may also be submitted for couples, by non-Larrakia spouses in an existing marriage/de facto relationship with a Larrakia person who is over 60 years of age, subject to the above terms and conditions. Subject to initial approval, if the Larrakia partner becomes deceased, the non-Larrakia spouse may continue to submit applications if they are also over 60 years of age at the time.

Subscription entertainment services such as FOXTEL, NETFLIX etc, are not included, regardless of whether or not such entertainment services are incorporated as a bundle with other approved bill types.

Multiple applications can be submitted, up to the maximum $300 per quarter, but it is important to note that unused funds from previous quarters do not accrue.


Larrakia Headstones

The Larrakia Headstone funds provides financial assistance to Larrakia families, to install a headstone on the grave of their Larrakia family member / ancestor.

Funding is capped at ten (10) applications per financial year, and approval will, in part, be based on the equitable distribution of available funds across all Larrakia families.


Sports / Academic Sponsorship

Larrakia school aged students may apply for assistance for representative sporting or academic events.

Sponsorship is up to the value of $250 per event and written confirmation of the Larrakia students selection for the representative sporting or academic event is required.

It is important to note that the fund does not cover club fees or registration for local competitions.


Larrakia Development Corporation Scholarship Program 2021

Applications Close 15 February 2021

The Larrakia Development Corporation Scholarship Program (LDCSP) offers scholarship opportunities to Larrakia students of all ages who are studying at a tertiary level anywhere across Australia.

For 2021, the following scholarship types are available:

– Tertiary Students: Completing a Doctorate or Masters level course – upon application.

– Tertiary Students: Completing a Bachelor level course – up to $2,500 per semester.

– TAFE Students: Completing a Diploma level course – up to $1,500 per academic year.

– TAFE Students: Completing a Certificate level course – up to $1000 per course.


Larrakia School Participation Program

Applications Close 1 April 2021

The Larrakia School Participation Program (LSPP) offers financial assistance to Larrakia families that have Larrakia school students enrolled in preschool to year 12. The LSPP provides support for Larrakia families to purchase school supplies such as uniforms, book packs and stationery anywhere in Australia.

A $100 payment is available for Larrakia students from preschool to year six (6) and a $200 payment is available for Larrakia students from year seven (7) to year twelve (12).


Larrakia Upskilling Program

The Larrakia Upskilling Program aims to provide financial assistance for training and other services to increase the employment capacity of Larrakia people. This funding is intended for short courses and other skill upgrades to improve the Applicant’s current employment and / or future job opportunities. The following course / qualification categories are included:

  • Any short course / training (below Certificate level).
  • Professional resume writing services.
  • NT Driver’s Licence Theory Test fee.
  • NT Driver’s licence (Learners) fee.
  • NT Driver’s licence (Provisional) fee.
  • NT Driver’s licence (Provisional over 25) fee.
  • NT Ochre card (Working with Children) fee.
  • NT White card (Construction) fee.

Important information:

  • Short course / training outcomes MUST relate to and improve the Larrakia Applicant’s current employment and / or future job opportunities,
  • Funding is not available for the renewal of existing licences and / or qualifications,
  • Each Larrakia Applicant can apply for a combination of any of the above categories to a total of $500 per financial year.


Funeral Fund

This is a one-off payment to assist Larrakia families towards the cost of funerals. Up to a maximum of $7000 is available per funeral, which will be paid directly to the nominated funeral service provider.

Applications can be made to the LDC office by filling out the required form (with supporting documentation), and must confirm the identity of the deceased individual, and their relationship to a Larrakia family. Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis, subject to further terms and conditions.


Download Application Form (pdf)

Download Applicant Details (pdf)


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