Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

Building a future that all Larrakia people can look forward to.


Our Mission

Creating economic opportunity for Larrakia People through leading land development activity and advocating for Larrakia People’s interests.


Core Values

Communication & Engagement
Larrakia families, industry, Government and the wider Indigenous and non-Indigenous community

Commercial Approach
Strong emphasis on initiatives that generate sustainable profit and wealth.

Capacity Building
Priority given to initiatives that provide immediate relevant capacity to carry out contracts and the ability to further develop capability internally and externally to LDC.

Self Sustainable
Implementation of initiatives and projects that become self sustained and non-reliant on recurrent government funding or grants.

Create Opportunity
Providing and enhancing opportunities and pathways for Larrakia and other Indigenous people in the region in business development, training & employment and individual wealth creation.

Larrakia people involvement in, and ownership of decisions and actions that affect their development.