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The Larrakia, also referred to as ‘Saltwater people', are the traditional owners of the lands and waters in and surrounding Darwin, including Darwin Harbour. To the Larrakia, Darwin is known as Garramilla. The original name of the language group now known as Larrakia is Gulumirrgin.

Darwin is one of Australia's most modern and vibrant cities, not least due to the fact that it has had to rebuild twice following Japanese bombing raids during WWII and Cyclone Tracy in 1974. Despite such adversity, and the impact of urban encroachment upon their Country, the Larrakia have adapted and grown as Darwin continues to grow. Amongst their fold Larrakia now include doctors, lawyers, teachers, academics, political advisers, senior public servants, small business owners, trades people, various world renowned artists, and sports stars.

Larrakia are proud of their culture and history, and work hard to maintain their links to Country and ancestors.

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