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In line with its commitment to Working For ALL Larrakia, the Larrakia Development Corporation’s Distribution Policy was introduced in 2006, devoting a proportion of the Corporation’s profits to Larrakia for the payment of funeral funds, scholarships, first home buyers, business start up costs, utility service costs for senior Larrakia and many other services. Funding is not reliant on any government, donor, or other third party assistance, but through sustained commercial enterprise.

Currently, the following categories are available:

Distribution Policy

Funeral Expenses

This is a one off payment to assist Larrakia families towards the cost of funerals. Up to a maximum of $5000 is available per funeral, which will be paid directly to the nominated funeral service provider. Applications can be made to the LDC office by filling out the required form (with supporting documentation), and must confirm the identity of the deceased individual, and their relationship to a Larrakia family. Applications are assessed on a case by case basis, subject to further terms and conditions.

Over 60s Fund

People of Larrakia decent, over 60 years of age, may make an application up to a maximum of $250 per quarter during the calendar year, to assist with the following living expenses:

  • Council rates
  • Phone/mobile bills
  • Electricity/sewage/water bills, and
  • MVR registration

To apply for the fund, application forms must be submitted with the original invoice(s), which must be registered in the name of the Larrakia applicant. Approved applications will then be paid directly to the service provider by the LDC.

Applicants may apply for reimbursements, subject to receipt of an application form and receipt(s) confirming that the original invoice, registered in the name of the Larrakia applicant, has been paid by the applicant.

Applications may also be submitted for couples, by non-Larrakia spouses in an existing marriage/de facto relationship with a Larrakia person who is over 60 years of age, subject to the above terms and conditions. Following initial approval, if the Larrakia partner becomes deceased, the non-Larrakia spouse may continue to submit applications if they are also over 60 years of age at the time.

Subscription entertainment services such as FOXTEL are not included, regardless of whether or not such entertainment services are incorporated as a bundle with other applicable bills.

Unused funds from previous quarters do not accrue.

Conditions of Payment

  • All payments are subject to the approval of the Larrakia Development Corporation CEO and/or Board.

Contact: reception@larrakia.com.au

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