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Larrakia Development Corporation PTY LTD

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Larrakia Traditional Area

The Larrakia, also referred to as ‘Saltwater people', are the traditional owners of the lands and waters in and surrounding Darwin, including Darwin Harbour. To the Larrakia, Darwin is known as Garramilla. The original name of the language group now known as Larrakia is Gulumirrgin.

Darwin is one of Australia's most modern and vibrant cities, not least due to the fact that it has had to rebuild twice following Japanese bombing raids during WWII and Cyclone Tracy in 1974. Despite such adversity, and the impact of urban encroachment upon their Country, the Larrakia have adapted and grown as Darwin continues to grow. Amongst their fold Larrakia now include doctors, lawyers, teachers, academics, political advisers, senior public servants, small business owners, trades people, various world renowned artists, and sports stars.

Larrakia are proud of their culture and history, and work hard to maintain their links to Country and ancestors.


About Larrakia Development Corporation

The Larrakia Development Corporation was officially incorporated under ASIC in February 2002. The Board and management of the Corporation are led by members of the Traditional Owner group of Darwin, the Larrakia people.

Today the Corporation is regarded as one of Australia's leading commercial Aboriginal organisations. It provides employment and business opportunities for Larrakia people through its own wealth creation and entrepreneurial activities.

The prime objective of the Larrakia Development Corporation is to create economic opportunities for all Larrakia people through the creation and operation of sustainable businesses models.

The Corporation currently holds contracts with ConocoPhillips, Monadelphous, Boskalis/Saipem, JKC, and is the joint venture partner with Compass Group, operating the Manigurr-ma Village at Howard Springs under the banner of ESS Larrakia.

The Larrakia Development Corporation's core activities include land holdings and development, heritage monitoring, ground maintenance, landscaping and turf farming.

The Corporation's Board is focused on viable commercial outcomes, the settlement of the Kenbi Land Claim, reinvesting and building the company, maintaining our Larrakia distribution policy, and promoting employment and contract opportunities for Larrakia people.

The Larrakia Development Corporation continues "working for all Larrakia".



  • Larrakia Identity
  • Family
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Commercial Independence
  • Deliverable

Larrakia Trust

In many parts of Australia where large scale projects operate, proponents are constantly seeking to improve the social and economic outcomes for the Aboriginal people of the area. In all cases, Traditional Owners (TO’s) are also seeking to engage with these companies to identify and establish real economic development opportunities. There are numerous examples that demonstrate the current management of significant mining and infrastructure benefits through Charitable Trusts fails to address the economic needs of the majority of TO’s, or makes a difference to their quality of life.

Establishing the Larrakia Trust (LT) takes an innovative commercial approach to addressing poor economic and wealth creation outcomes for Indigenous people. The LT concept provides opportunity for Larrakia Traditional Owners to become unit holders in broad business development initiatives on their traditionally recognised lands.

Profits generated through the WLC JV service contracts may be used in a number of ways including;

  • Support Larrakia and other local Aboriginal people to develop/build capability and establish businesses;
  • Invest in new business ventures that increases Larrakia peoples training & employment and wealth development opportunities and outcomes;
  • Support Larrakia Elders and families through the LDC Distribution Policy;
  • Support Larrakia education, training and employment initiatives;
  • Support Larrakia and wider community and social development initiatives;
  • Direct distribution to Larrakia unit holders as a dividend (# NO dividends are planned for the first 3 years of operations);

As member/unit holders Larrakia people will get preferential status for employment, training or business development programs associated with WLC or the LDC.

Eligible Unit Holders;

  • Persons recognised and acknowledged as of Larrakia heritage
  • At least 18 years of age;

Download Information Sheet / Download Application Form


Opportunity Statement

To become an industry leader in investment and property development in Northern Australia, fully supported by Larrakia.


Distribution Policy

In line with its commitment to serve and benefit all Larrakia, the Larrakia Development Corporation’s Distribution Policy was introduced in 2006, devoting a proportion of the Corporation’s profits to Larrakia for the payment of funeral funds, scholarships, first home buyers, business start up costs, utility service costs for senior Larrakia and many other services. Currently, the following categories are available:


Customary Warning

Aboriginal viewers should be aware that this website may contain culturally sensitive material - including images and names of people who have since died.

Larrakia Development Corporation

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